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It seems that everybody is looking for love in some way or another nowadays. Perhaps nobody really wants to be lonely in this slightly depressing time in the economic climate; when saving money matters and times are harder than a few years back. Everybody wants to have that special feeling to share with somebody, which can make them see that light at the end of the tunnel and see that life is not all bad.

A lot of people would go as far to the extent of finding love by going on television. There are countless TV dating shows airing every day and it has become more and more popular over the years. ‘Blind Date’ used to be one of the most popular dating shows in the UK, which involved getting to know the person a little more before actually seeing what they look like. The contestant would have the choice of 3 different members of the opposite sex to choose from; purely based on the answers they had given. The purpose was to choose someone for who they are and not what they look like- although it didn’t always work out as perfectly as the contestants would have liked.

Nowadays, the biggest dating show airing in the UK is ‘Take Me Out’, a cheesy- yet slightly entertaining Saturday night show. There are a panel of 30 women and one man will come out to see if they can impress the girls through 3 stages to win a date. A lot of the women will buzz themselves out, admitting that the man isn’t good looking enough, before they’ve even found out anything about them. This is a rather vein way to go about dating, but after all- it is just a TV show. In the show they recap how the contestants’ date from the week before went, and very rarely do you find a couple that really hit it off. Even when you do see a couple have a great time, it’s only their first date (which is an expenses-paid trip to the Isle of Fernando).

These kinds of TV shows can glamourise a vain outlook on dating, which promotes the idea of judging a book by its cover. Dating should really be about getting to know each other and bonding; there’s a lack of compatibility on TV shows, as the contestants are picked by TV producers and not the single people who are actually looking for love.

Nowadays the majority of singles are having a go at online dating to find a compatible partner; all ages are welcome and there are no worries of being humiliated on national television. Matchmaking sites such as eHarmony will take a short test that really gets to know you, which helps when finding those that you will really be compatible with. They also offer lots of relationship advice, which looks at how you can open your heart, harnessing the law of attraction, and online dating tips.

The power of the internet has helped many couples find love; these people are not just thrown together for the entertainment of families watching TV on a Saturday night, but they’re matched purely on their deepest interests, therefore making the chances of developing a real relationship a lot more likely. And if not, there will still be a lot of interesting dates to go on, stories to tell and experiences to have.

So if you’re single and want to start meeting people that are compatible with you, why not try online dating? You’ve got nothing to lose- not even your dignity!

I post about love, romance and relationship advice. Love is special, and I’m here to try and help couples develop thir relationships so that they’re always special. I also post a lot of advice on how to find that special someone.

The power of the internet has helped many couples find love; these people are not just thrown together for the entertainment of families watching TV on a Saturday night, but they’re matched purely on their deepest interests, therefore making the chances of developing a real relationship a lot more likely. And if not, there will still be a lot of interesting dates to go on, stories to tell and experiences to have.

How to Tell if Your Internet Date is Into You (for women)

Does He Really Like You? Find Out Yourself!

Online dating might be good fun but it can be very stressful too. Ok, so you have been chatting online, but now you are finally going on an actual date with your potential new partner.

Spending the evening constantly feeling uncertain about whether the guy you are with is into you or not is a great way to ruin your date and maybe your chances all together.

Luckily there are a few signs you can look out for that will reveal all. Watch out for these the next time you go on a date. The more of them you spot, the better the odds are that he really is interested in you and not just hanging around until something better comes along.

It’s all in the eyes

Eye contact is one of the most important clues of all. If there is little to no eye contact you can forget about your chances of getting together. Lots of eye contact bodes well for a future relationship to develop.

Be warned though; studies show that if his eye contact starts level with your eyes and then slides down to take in your body as well, he is probably more interested in a fling than a relationship.

He has started telling his friends about you

If a first date spreads the word about you in a positive way, you can be sure he is interested in continuing to see you. He might even mention this in a conversation to you, so watch out for this clue.

He asks for second date before the first has ended

Sometimes a first date can go so well that the usual awkwardness just isn’t there. If he should ask about the possibility of a second date before the first one is even over, you know he is very interested.

In this instance he isn’t asking because he feels he should, he’s asking because he wants to find out whether you are into him and he can’t wait until the end of the night to ask.

He exhibits lots of positive body language

Open and honest body language is a good sign. Alternatively if he sits there with his arms folded and legs crossed you can start looking for another potential date!

He leans in towards you

Personal space is very important. But if he leans towards you to share a conversation or listen more closely to what you are saying, this is a good sign that he has a genuine interest in you.

This is particularly true if he holds your gaze whilst you talk and if he responds to what you have actually told him, rather than just moving on to the next topic.


Figuring out how the other person on your date is really feeling is perhaps one of the toughest things about dating – it is rarely straightforward but with the above clues you can often get to the bottom of how he feels.

Eye contact of course is well known to be important, but as you can see from the information above, there is more to this than – literally – meets the eye!

This guest post was written by Ricky from PassionSearch – the free online dating site. Thanks for reading

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Internet Dating When You’re a Divorced Parent

Internet dating used to be a bit of a joke. No one wanted to admit that they met someone online. Today, however, this is no longer the case. 20% or more of people getting together begins with online dating websites. If you are divorced and have kids, Internet dating can be a great tool to find a new romantic partner, however, you have to know how to make online dating work for you.

Tip #1 – Be Honest with Your Profile

One of the pitfalls of online dating is the tendency for people to lie in their profile, particularly women. This is not in your best interest, as eventually you will need to meet people in person. Be honest with the information in your profile, and provide a current picture that is a true representation of who you are right now.

Tip #2 – Be Honest About What You Are Looking For

The advantage of Internet dating is that you can select specific characteristics to filter your searches. This means that you only want to date men that are interested in getting married (at some point), then you can filter out all of the men that are only looking for a quick hookup. Think of online dating as a partner mail order catalog. Use characteristics that you want in a romantic partner to bring up the men or women that are a good match for you.

Tip #3 – Look for Warning Signs

The problem with online dating is that there are predators and bad eggs hiding in the mix. The trick is to interact with each possible date enough to figure out if they have any red flag warning signs. For example, if their responses to your questions are inconsistent or if you catch them in a lie it is a good idea to just cut them loose. If someone is lying to you this early in the relationship, chances are they will lie to you later on as well. Other warning signs include having multiple accounts under different names, locations, etc. Finally, if they ask to borrow money from you or if they make any inappropriate request file a complaint against them with the online dating service, block their account and stop interacting with them.

Tip #4 – Keep Your First Meeting Public and Casual

When you get to the point where you want to meet, make sure that the meeting place is public and that you keep things casual and fun. This will protect your safety and it will make the experience pleasant.

For many divorcees stepping into dating with a child can be tricky. Smart Divorce, Raising Happy Healthy Children is the outcome the author, Madeline Binder MS Human Services Couseling, is hoping to achieve. You can find more articles and information dating on her Children and Divorce blog.

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The Top Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid Unless You Like Being Single

Online dating is supposed to be the next evolution in human interaction. If you watch any commercial for companies like eHarmony or, they make it seem like such a breeze don’t they? Two people meet for the very first time and they go on to have a wonderful date while laughing all the way. But in real life, you have to get through several stages before you even reache the point of meeting face-to-face. There simply are no guarantees and online dating is basically what you make of it. Sure it can work out great and you might end up with your soulmate, but you could potentially work yourself into all types of problematic situations as well. While it’s good to be optimistic, you shouldn’t go into any online dating situation thinking that all of the work is done for you. You’ll have to think on your feet and trust your instincts while avoiding some of these common mistakes.

Picking the Wrong Site – there are plenty of websites out there but almost all of them are different in some way. Even if some of the features are the same, it’s unlikely you’ll find the exact same user base. You have to think about what you want from your online dating experience and then pick a site to match. For example, if you just want to see what’s out there while testing the waters than something free like Plenty of Fish will work just fine. But if you’re looking for something more serious than a site like that might just seem like a waste of time. In general, free sites serve their purpose but they can also turn into something resembling social networking. For a real relationship where two people are on the same page about the future, you might have to pick something that requires a monthly subscription.

Lying in Your Profile – everybody fudges the truth a little bit when they come up with their online profile. But don’t make the huge mistake of lying completely about important details. Remember, you’re going to meet the other person anyways and there’s no way you can hide the truth forever. Even if it’s something as simple as your age, be honest from the start to avoid future complications. The same goes with the picture you choose to attach to your photograph which should obviously be authentic. How would you like it if you showed up for a date with someone who is five years older and 2 feet shorter than what you thought? You wouldn’t like it very much and there’s no reason why you should do that to anyone else.

Falling in Love with Emails – there’s no doubt about it, it’s an incredible thrill to get attention from someone else. And after a few e-mails you might feel a deep connection like you’ve never experienced before. But take a step back and put things into perspective. A lot of people fall in love way to quickly, and it’s more the idea of the other person than the person themselves. Don’t be embarrassed if this happens because it’s a common phenomenon, but you also have to be careful that it doesn’t lead you into precarious situations. Remember, no matter how much you e-mail or message back and forth it will pale in comparison to what you can learn from one face-to-face meeting.

Taking Things too Personally – sorry, but rejection is a part of the online dating world two. While commercials might make it seem like you don’t have to face rejection ever again, that’s simply not the way things work. And it doesn’t hurt any less when it happens online either, and it can be just as surprising as in real life. The most important thing is to keep on trying even if people aren’t responding to your profile. Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing and in other cases you might have to make a few tweaks to your approach before you can find success.

Not Trusting Your Instincts – if it seems too good to be true, it invariably is when it comes to Internet and online dating. That’s why you should take things slow enough to let your instincts kick in in case something is wrong. There are plenty of people who aren’t telling the truth and some outright scammers out there. This isn’t an exact science and there are no love spells that will guarantee success, so you have to be on your toes at all times while putting trust in the right people. You have more intuition then you realize and it’s essential to keep your eyes open to protect your safety at all times.

About The Author:

This look at internet dating mistakes comes to us from our friends at where you can find more information on the world of romance and even more handy online dating tips.

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Looking For Love in Social Dating Sites?

Many People are Looking For Love Online!

Looking for love in social dating sites is the most convenient way to find someone who fits your needs, wants, and desires to a tee. Social dating sites have changed the way singles mingle.

There are many single ladies and gentlemen looking for love online and using dating sites to find life partners. This ups your chances of finding someone quickly who matches what you are looking for. More people=more choices…that’s just the way it is!

Whether you are in your early 20s or mid 50s, there is always someone waiting for you to shower them with your love. You just have to meet them.

Following are some tips on how you can make the most of social dating sites.

Build your profile

A great profile is the beginning of your search for the ideal partner. Looking for love in social dating sites, and finding it, is fully dependent on your profile picture and bio.

Give honest and positive information about yourself, but be careful to safeguard your privacy. Not everyone on dating sites is genuinely looking for love. Some of the social dating site users are predators out for a grooming game. So give out the important stuff that you need to share – likes, dislikes, and what you are looking for in a partner, but avoid telling them that your fetish is feet (even as a joke) because you may attract the wrong people.

Post a really good photo of yourself and make sure it is attractive enough to impress your prospective partner. Showing your most attractive side WILL make a difference when it comes to attracting someone. They are skimming profiles looking for someone that interests them – so make sure your picture catches their attention!

The face is the window to your heart, and therefore you should try to wear a warm, inviting smile. Show that you have a warm heart capable of loving another person.

After that the other thing you need to work on is your bio. Write positive things about yourself and create a catchy pitch for your profile.

  • Something that will stand out and catch their attention.
  • Something that makes you look good and desirable.
  • Something that will make them smile (smiling or laughing will make them fonder of you quicker.)

Build your contact list

Social dating sites give you the opportunity to add as many friends as possible. While some of these sites have a limit to the number of friends you can and to your network, chances are high that your perfect match is within the first 50 friends you add to your profile.

When choosing friends, study each individual profile well to ensure that they are potential matches. Add those people whose profiles are close to what you are looking for. Building your friends’ list is easy, since most dating sites give you the opportunity to browse through all profiles within your specified search criteria.

You can search by age, height, race, nationality or likes depending on the site you join. Further, social dating sites allow you to view the profiles of all members online and chat with those who catch your attention.

Invest in online video chat

Most social dating sites give you the opportunity to chat with other members who are online or who are in your contact list. Use the chat facility to know more about your potential significant other.

Ask them leading questions to know whether they are interested in you, and whether they have the qualities you are looking for. To establish the credibility of the information you get from your chat buddies, make use of the video chat facility.

Safety really is of the up-most importance when looking for love online. There are so many people out there ready to take advantage of some unknowing man or woman.

So, with that said, make sure that their identity is real by connecting your webcam to verify their profile avatars and race. Ask for their full names and search them in Google or other search engines for any more information about them.

Beware not to engage in stalking as you may lose their interest if they find out. However, you can add them to other professional or social networks just to countercheck whether the information they gave you about themselves is true.


Social dating sites are available to all internet users around the world. While it is a great way to meet someone when you are looking for love, you should use the facility with caution. Mind your security and safety while adding friends and chatting. You should try to use other avenues to learn more about your prospective partner in order to establish trust between the two of you. Later, you can plan for physical meetings after you are sure that he or she is the person you are looking for and want to have a go at a date. Looking for love in social dating sites fully depends on your online dating skills, and you are the only one in charge of its success or failure.

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Did Your Relationship End With an Explosion?

My Story

Let’s just say that I have to get this out of me. For years I feel that I have carried around a great deal of mental anguish and I believe the power of the pen will have an easing effect on my state of mind. Sometimes I can’t help myself and my mind ends up casting back to my first major relationship. Of greater significance is the fact that this particular relationship ended up morphing into my first marriage. I had experienced many other great girlfriends leading up to this point and partied hard, but at 19 years of age I can say now that I met this girl way too young and got married way too early at 24. All told I was with that one woman for 14 years of my life and when I finally got divorced at 33 I just did not have a single clue of what I should do with myself.

Everything Changes

My ex-wife and I had an expansive circle of friends and acquaintances and would go out at least 3 nights a week year in year out. These partying ways in effect contributed greatly to the ultimate downfall of our relationship amongst other factors. Young and stupid we worked hard but also partied extremely hard. Booze, designer drugs and electronica ruled our existence and over many years we grew apart, staying together for a reason that I would never really grasp.

Because I had been in this relationship for such an early and pivotal stage of my life, my circle of friends ended up being people that I would never see again. My absolute closest mates ended up sticking by me, but everyone else including the guy I thought was my one of my 2 best friends in the universe ended up screwing me over. So far in fact that in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the conniving and subversive games that a dear friend could end up being capable of.

In the end my ex-wife and ex-mate ended up getting together. Apparently they have a child or two together now and are living happily ever after. I think it is about 7 years now that has past. The memories and tragic feeling of loss are no longer a burden for me. And the strange dreams involving the breakup and betrayal eventually have subsided. The truth is that your memories never really dissolve, even though you wish in your heart they could. Over time they will only ever dissipate to a level that a person will find far more acceptable.

The Future

Where am I going with this other than telling you a super condensed version of a large part of my life story? Well over the course of time life began again and the universe has brought me the true love of my life. She wasn’t the first woman who I met after my first marriage, but I can honestly say that I am now where I should be in life. We are married, have a 2 year old boy together plus a couple of great dogs. We are madly in love and made for each other.  The truly amazing thing though is the method in which we met. Online dating brought me into contact with my wife and for this and everything I have I am thankful. I had tried online dating previously with mixed results but can tell you that this medium is a winner and a must do for anyone looking for the next love of their life.


If you are looking for a leg up in the free online dating world then check out Dave Steffens site at www. Dave Steffens provides further dating and relationship advice for single men and women along with singles chat rooms.

Guide To Writing Your Profile For An Online Dating Website

There’s More To Online Dating, And Finding Someone Right For You Than Just Signing Up!


You’ve taken the plunge and joined an online dating website, or you are at least getting ready to, and now you are going to sit back and wait to see what happens. Right?


If you just joined an online dating website without taking some time to write the best profile possible, then you are going to lose out on potential love interests.

When your profile is not catching their attention then they are going to breeze past it and move onto other people that they find interesting, but when they notice your profile and like what they see, they are more inclined to put some attention towards you and learn some more.

Plus, if you don’t write a good profile that reflects you then you may attract people that you are not interested in, and let’s face it, noone wants to have to let down people on a constant basis when it comes to attraction an dating.

The first thing to consider on your online dating profile is to explain what exactly you are looking for. In other words, why did you sign up for online dating? Did you want to find love, friendship, casual dating, or a soul-mate that wants to get married in a week. Remember that whatever you are looking for is valid. You don’t have ot be looking for true love on an online dating website, you could just be looking for new experiences and friends. That’s fine! Just be honest about it so someone looking for true love knows that you are not on their wave length.

The second point to consider when writing your online dating profile is how honest you want to be. You don’t want to lie on your profile, that’s for sure. You want people to know the real you and what you are really looking for; otherwise, you are not going to get your moneys worth on online dating.

But you don’t want to be too honest. There are some things that are better left unsaid when it comes to a dating profile that people who don’t know you  are going to read. Your friends may think that your cute when you do some silly habit you have, but someone who doesn’t know you won’t find a weird habit cute – they will find it weird. This is because they don’t know you on a personal level that shows all sides of you. They only know that you have a weird habit and that you might be weird. So don’t tell your deepest, darkest secrets on your dating profile. Leave those secrets for when they know you better!

The last  consideration to an online dating profile is to point out why YOU are unique and worthwhile. Make sure to throw in a couple things that people of interest to you may find interesting. If you like world of warcraft, for instance, then throw that tid-bit into the profile. This will ensure that any world of warcraft lovers out there will quickly view your profile and show interest.

You may not think you have anything that’s unique, but even such things as enjoying walks in the rain or signing in the shower will separate you from people who list out their likes and desires in a straightforward manner. Just think of something that many people comment on about you, or notice about you, and as long as it’s a uniquely good thing then throw it into the profile.

Don’t underestimate the power of an online dating profile. You can attract the right person with the right profile, and you can attract the wrong people with the wrong profile. Don’t waste your money on dating non-compatible people or having no one contact you because you don’t seem interesting. Make the most of your dating profile and you will be rewarded!

Some Tips For Seniors Who Want To Try Online Dating

Are you a senior looking for a date? You won’t find many other seniors at the bar, clubs, or other local pick up spots. Those places are long behind you and you are into more real and thought-provoking places. Of course there are lots of seniors at non thought-provoking places like bingo, but those are not likely the type of people that you are going to get along with if you are looking for stimulation in your life. Unless you can wait until before or after bingo!

Why Online Dating?

Anyone you find on online dating is actively looking for a partner. This takes all the guess-work out of finding a partner. It means you don’t have to wonder whether someone is single but still wearing their wedding ring or whether or not they even want to date again! Online dating sites are full of people that want to date and are single!

Plus, you can look for someone with the same interests as you. Later in life is when you tend to know yourself much better than you did when you were younger. You know your interests, likes, and dislikes. You have a good grasp on how you want to live your life from this day forward. Online dating sites will show you other seniors profiles and what they are looking for and what their likes and dislikes are. This means you know who you are getting!

There are online dating sites dedicated to seniors. Just type senior dating sites into the search engine. Of course you can always try the more popular dating sites like as there will most likely be people on their your age and in your area. Or you can try both and make sure you cover as many people as you can during your search.

The Upside To a Large Dating Site

As we said, large dating sites may offer you more selection when it comes to choices, and you may get more of a bang for your buck. They are popular, well know, and trusted. This tends to bring in a larger audience then a smaller website. On I had typed in that I was looking for a male between the ages of 51-63 and I got many selections in my area. This is the other advantage. You may find someone closer to home than on a smaller dating site. More people on the site means more chances of someone being in your area.

These larger dating sites offer free memberships for checking out the site, and upgrading to a paid membership is normally not as expensive as ‘niche’ dating sites like senior dating sites.

The Upside To A Senior Dating Site

The biggest upside is that everyone will be 50 or over. But other than that it’s not any different than being on a regular website that caters to seniors as well as the rest of the population.

As you can see, a larger dating site is probably the way to go for a senior or anyone else looking to date. But if you have the money try both.

Your Online Dating Profile Hints and Tips

Due to the increasing number of people using the Internet on a regular basis, it makes sense that online dating has grown in popularity. Many people actually rely on the Internet to meet new friends and set up dates. If you’re using a dating website to meet new people, it is helpful to learn some tips for setting up your personal profile. Making your profile present information about the best side of you ensure that you get plenty of positive responses. Being true to yourself in your profile will also help you find people that are interested in who you really are.

While it may sound shallow, one of the most important things to focus on while building a profile is selecting a picture. You will want people to see you as you truly look, so it is helpful to select a picture that is flattering and doesn’t have a variety of special effects or editing. Choosing a picture of just you at a forward angle is a smart idea, along with including a full body shot. It is important to wear appropriate clothes and present your hair in a way that you regularly do so that potential daters see you as you really are. Dressing in scandalous clothing or applying a lot of makeup can turn off potential dates and give others the wrong impression.

It is important to include a variety of your interests in a profile. This will help people with similar interests find you and actually want to do activities together. These activities can include everything from volunteering to scuba diving or even saving money. Including a large list of your favorite hobbies and interests will help others connect you and it gives you something to discuss when you meet a potential date with similar interests. Instead of posting broad interests such as music or cooking, you should include unique details such as indie rock or cooking Japanese food.

Staying active on a dating website is so helpful in actually having a chance at making connections. Many people set up a profile, deny a couple of potential dates, than forget about the website. If you have found a dating website you enjoy, it is important to stay active since you never know who will be messaging you. Keeping your profile up to date and checking back regularly will ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities. You may find the man or woman of your dreams at any time, so you will want to stay updated on who is messaging you.

Setting up a profile on a dating website is a great way to meet new people who share similar interests. Being careful to include a flattering picture of yourself is one of the first things that you need to do when looking online. This is the first thing other singles will see when visiting your profile, so you want the picture to look nice and true to how you really look. It’s also very important to include a wide range of your interests and hobbies. By including these different activities, you will increase the likeliness of meeting people who share the same interests. Including activities you enjoy that are practically free will show that you like to save money and aren’t an expensive date. Staying active on the dating website and keeping your profile updated will ensure you don’t miss the chance to connect with somebody who could end up being ‘the one’.

Post by Holly Adams, a writer for Coupon Croc. Looking for a special gift for a loved one? Shop online with a Ernest Jones discount code and save on necklaces, watches and other jewelry.

10 Ways To Succeed With Online Dating

If you listen to the sceptics, all you will hear is that online dating is a waste of time. They’ll tell you that online dating is the last resort of the desperate single; that the online dating world is full of cheats, liars and freaks; and that no one could ever find a lasting, fulfilling relationship on the internet.

It’s not true, of course. Sure, there are risks involved with online dating, but they are no greater than those associated with cruising singles bars or responding to personal advertisements in the newspaper. Even better, online dating can put you in touch with so many more people than either of those two old-fashioned methods, meaning you have the opportunity to learn about and get to know so many more potential partners.

Above all, online dating works. There are literally thousands of people who have met their life partner online, and many thousands more find new friends and have great dates each and every day. There’s no need to worry – just exercise some common sense, don’t give out personal or private information and enjoy the variety that online dating can bring.

If you’re intent on finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life with, there are a few things to remember to increase your chances of success.

1. Get your friends to help you write your profile. Many dating profiles read like cookie-cutter short stories with so many people using the same words and phrases to describe themselves. Break out of the mould by asking your besties to tell you what they like most about you, and weave these into your profile.

2. Think hard about what you are looking for in a partner. Steer away from the surface traits – attractive, great body, etc – and take the time to find out what really works for you. Once you’ve come up with three or four, put these in your profile and use them to scan and filter potential matches.

3. Put some effort into your photographs. Choose a good headshot for your profile picture and provide additional images, including a quality full body shot and a selection of shots of you doing what you love or having fun. Smile, look natural and if necessary, use a photo editing software package to enhance the brightness, contrast and colour balance of shots.

4. Don’t be too harsh or judgemental when scanning other people’s profiles. There’s nothing wrong with having high standards, but by setting the mark to an unrealistic height, you’ll rule out many people who might just have a lot to offer.

5. Phone or face to face contact is the best way to work out if a date is worth making. Don’t email back and forth or chat online for ages – it’s too hard to get a sense of someone’s personality. Send a couple of emails, then aim to have at least one phone conversation before deciding if you want to take things further.

6. Keep your first date simple. Meeting for coffee or an after-work drink is the best way to go – it keeps the pressure off for both of you. If you’re into keeping fit, another suggestion is to go for a walk or a run. Exercise always makes you feel good, which will ensure you’re at your best.

7. Go on as many dates as you can fit into your schedule. Quality is important, but so is quantity – at least in the early stages. Casting your net wide gives you the best chance of making that perfect catch. Not all of your dates will work out and even if there’s no romantic spark there, you can always make a new friend.

8. Be well presented for your dates. Dress well, be clean and groomed – it shows you have respect for yourself and for your date. There’s no need to rush out and buy a new outfit or get dolled up to the nines – keep it casual, comfortable and cool.

9. If you like the person enough to go on a second date, let them know. Don’t keep secrets or play mind games. Be honest and authentic. You don’t have to fall head over heels for your date to want to see them again – some of the strongest relationships take time to develop.

10. Most important is not to take yourself or the whole online dating process too seriously. Dating is, and should be fun, and you’ll get a whole lot more out of it – and others will find you more attractive – if you approach your online dating experience with a relaxed attitude.

Dave Steffens is the webmaster for He contributes articles and blogs for websites that relate to free dating sites in Canada, free chat rooms Canada, along with dating advice.