Quit Smoking Timeline: What happens to your body when you stop smoking?

Every smoker knows that they should quit. It is impossible not to know the damage that smoking is doing to your health (both short and long term), with even the cigarette packets themselves warning of the dangers these days.

What many smokers may not know however is just how quickly the body starts to heal itself after quitting. In fact, within just 30 minutes of that final cigarette the body is already starting to feel the benefits with heart rate starting to return to normal levels.

Of course the longer a former smoker refrains from smoking, the greater the health benefits and indeed within 15 years, the body has almost completely healed itself with the risks of major diseases (such as heart disease and lung cancer) similar to those of a ‘never smoker’.

This infographic from quit smoking blog Nicotino shows exactly what happens to a smokers body after their last cigarette. The human body truly is an incredible machine.


View the original article and read the full quit smoking timeline at Nicotino.

How Phone Counseling Can Help Depression

depressionMost people have experienced periods of anxiety, sadness, or depression in their lives. While some sad feelings may come and go, sometimes, long periods of depression or anxiety might lead you to find a professional to help sort out your troubles. Some people seek out talk therapists in the offices of licensed social workers, counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists. Others seek therapy for depression or anxiety using their telephones. There are many benefits to using a landline or cell phone to seek counseling for a variety of mental ailments including anxiety and depression.


People who use a phone counselor to treat anxiety or depression may experience a wide range of convenience. Instead of having to drive to a facility and find parking, using the phone counselor for therapy helps users avoid traffic or competitive parking. Think about it: even if there is bad weather that makes traveling more dangerous, therapy by phone eliminates this potential hazard. In this way, some might say that getting counseling for depression or anxiety by phone is safer.


Sufferers of depression may seek counseling on the phone from the comfort of their own home while wearing casual clothing such as pajamas. This gives an added level of familiarity and safety that allows some patients to more fully experience the benefits of counseling for depression or anxiety. Some people who experience depression or anxiety may also suffer from agoraphobia and feel unable to leave their home. Phone counseling makes it possible for people with this disorder to seek help from a mental health professional.


For some, seeking counseling for depression may bring embarrassment and anxiety. You might ask yourself– what if someone sees you entering the therapist’s office? Or, what if someone recognizes your car? Telephone counseling for depression allows patients privacy and freedom from prying eyes. Phone counseling for depression or anxiety allows a client to stay visually anonymous from their telephone therapist. If you ever ran into your counselor in a shopping mall you would never recognize each other. Public figures and celebrities may also seek out phone counselors for depression or anxiety to protect their public image.


For those seeking therapy for depression by cell phone, this allows more freedom of movement for patients. For example, a patient may be on vacation or at work in their private office but still attend a much-needed therapy session for depression by phone. In extreme cases, people could get phone counseling for depression or anxiety while driving a car or riding the subway.


Getting counseling for depression over the phone may save you money. Some therapists who work only via telephone do not have a large office in an expensive professional building. Less overhead means that the counselor may offer their services at a discounted rate.

For the busy working professional phone counseling for anxiety or depression may be ideal. Phone therapy can save you time, money, and stress, which could also help you feel better as you seek treatment. The benefits of this remote way of counseling seem well-suited for both patients and therapists.

Marcie has been working with couples and individuals for over eight years. Helping them start off right, strengthen and enhance their relationships and even avoid divorce. Her company, Love Your Relationship, focuses on telephone counseling.

Are High Fives Dangerous To Children? Secondary Title

high-fiveHealth and safety issues can arise in all workplaces and they can come in all different shapes and sizes. It is understandable that many people will have concerns about working safely and not being exposed to risks, but the risks that people are exposed to can be a lot wider than you would initially think.

Even elements that have been introduced to a workplace or local area to improve safety have to meet health and safety standards and this has led to a quirky health and story arising in West Dunbartonshire.

The 74 year old lollipop man Nkosa Mdikane, who is known as Smiley, by the pupils has been told that he is no longer allowed to high-five with the pupils as this is a health and safety issue. This is the sort of story that leaves many people rolling their eyes about “health and safety gone mad” but there is no doubt that this is an area where there are different opinions.

Kids love a high five

A high five is a great way to engage kids when they are crossing the road and it is a positive action. While there is obviously contact between the adult and the child, it is a safe and fun level of contact, something that children see being carried out by their favourite sporting athletes during games and performances. This is something that can brighten up a child’s day and you only have to look at the reaction of children to a high five from a friendly mascot or a hero at any event. However, there is obviously a need to examine the health and safety elements of everything in the workplace and it may be that there are issues that mean the high five is not safe. When the lollipop man is engaging with kids in this way, he is keeping a full eye on the road? Are kids rushing to meet the lollipop man which means that their full attention is not being placed on the road? These are all elements that can cause problems and they are probably elements with have went into the decision imposed on the lollipop man.

There has been considerable support for Mdikane, and a petition has been compiled with over 14,000 names on it. This petition was started by a parent who had been outraged at the kids no longer being able to connect with their lollipop man, who spoke to the local paper, saying; “I read myself, 14,000 signatures from a story in the local paper, I thought ‘how will I thank all these people?’ I’ve got no way. Everyone knows me now. I cannot hide any more. Every day we have people taking pictures and wanting to talk. I need it back for myself, the high five, the kids taught me that. At first I was confused and then the kids taught me it was a greeting, and now it’s mine and I want it back.”

Parents have strongly backed the lollipop man

There has been strong support from parents of pupils at the school, with the lollipop man having to monitor his behaviour after a meeting with the council near the end of February. The employee was informed that he needed to watch his behaviour and engagement with the pupils, which is an issue that most parents accept needs to be of the highest standard.

Local parent Evelyn Shaw is the head of the crossing patrol at the council and she said; “He’s been doing this job for two years with no complaints. They’re happy to accept the plaudits when he’s being praised as Scotland’s happiest lollipop man, but now it is a health and safety issue.”

The leader of the council in West Dunbartonshire issued a statement to local press, saying; “This is an entirely operational matter that was dealt with under delegated responsibilities by officers of the council. I fully accept that the media reporting of this incident will have greatly influenced public opinion. However, council officers have no option but to adhere to health and safety regulations and for all elected member in their role as corporate parents, the safety of children will always be of paramount importance. Any potential reputational damage the council may receive will always be secondary to our duty for the protection of children.”

Anyone who is under investigation for any health and safety matter needs to ensure that they are receiving the highest standard of support and guidance possible. This means that employing the services of a Health and Safety and Environmental Investigations Solicitor is the best starting point to ensure that you are properly looked after.

Striving for Kindness in 2015

The beginning of a new year can be really rough. January and February aren’t really known for having the best weather, unless your idea of great weather is snow and freezing rain. In addition, after all the excitement and joyous celebration of the winter holidays, the beginning of the year can seem dull at best and bleak at worst. It seems like the only thing there is to look forward to is the eventual thawing of the bad weather into the warmer spring and summer months.

But there are some things to make a new year worthwhile. For one, the new year brings with it new year’s resolutions, which challenge us to become our idealized versions of ourselves. Across the world, people make commitments with themselves to lose weight, to quit smoking, to get themselves out there and make new friends or find that significant other they’ve been waiting for. Valentine’s Day is another highlight, of course.

Something you might not know about the beginning of the year is that it is also host to Random Acts of Kindness Day, which takes place on February 17. Random acts of kindness are exactly what they sound like – a kind gesture, with no expectation of reciprocation, given to someone whose path you cross, either directly or indirectly. “RAKtivists” have started chains of drive-through customers paying for the Starbucks order of the car behind them; they have also left dollar bills in places for others to find, especially those who might need them. Considering the bleakness of winter, this is a great time to give the people around you a reason to smile.

If you’d like to make performing random acts of kindness a habit, Cleverpedia put together the Kindness Challenge to help motivate you throughout the course of the entire year. Simply print the checklist and work through the 50 kindness prompts at your own pace. The challenge is set up as a year’s challenge, but you can push yourself to complete it sooner. You can even challenge your friends – who will complete the challenge first?

At the end of the challenge, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your actions made 50 different people happy. And what can be better than that?


The Kindness Challenge was created by Cleverpedia. You can follow Cleverpedia on Facebook or Twitter – be sure to share your challenge progress!

The History of Baby Showers

You got everything you need to create an amazing baby shower. You have the cutest mustache themed banners. You also printed out some adorable invitations for your friends and family.

Plus, you got some great gifts ideas and many fun baby shower games to play. But something is missing and you need answers….

You are an expecting mom and you want your best friend to throw you a fabulous baby shower. Aren’t you curious where this time honored tradition comes from? Do you think baby showers date back to ancient times? Many people ask themselves “where does the baby shower tradition come from?”. You would be surprised by the answers.

Baby showers can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times and it doesn’t end there. This celebration spans an ocean of time, and why wouldn’t it? It celebrates an essential part of the human condition; BIRTH!

And that, is cross cultural and timeless!


The history of baby showers is brought to you be printmybabyshower.com where you can get free printable themes for all types of baby showers. All prints come with banners, games, invitations and labels!

Do Perfect Relationships in Couples Exist?

We’ve been raised reading stories of perfect love. But it usually ends “They lived happily ever after” – what that really means? What are couples dealing with after their perfect love becomes a long-time relationship? What does ti mean being in a perfect relationship? Does it even exist?

With those questions I turned to our readers and here are different opinions I’ve got:

A. Philtrate (The Teaching Escape Guy)

I used to think there were some lucky people who had perfect relationships, but I was younger then and only saw things in black and white. Some couples seemed totally happy and had perfect non-verbal communication and understanding of each other.

As I have become older and have learned about shades of grey, and with hindsight, I now realise that nobody had a perfect relationship at all. Outsiders only see half the picture; nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. The two perfect relationships I thought I knew both ended in divorce because one partner was physically abusive, never leaving a visible mark though.


A. Danny Garcia

Next year, my grandparents would be having their golden anniversary. They have 8 children and most of them have had professional careers.

However, their relationship is not perfect in the sense you may be asking. As a child, I used to have my vacation there and there were times when I’ve seen them argue. However, they argue civilly and logically. Both my grandparents were entrepreneurs and now they’ve retired. They lived a very productive life especially in difficult circumstances. Try living in a third world country with no tertiary education and you can see that it’s a minor miracle of sorts that my grandparents were able to send all of my aunts and uncles to good colleges. They worked hard with their emporium.

I don’t know their secret to a perfect relationship, but faith (they were very religious Catholics) played a very dominant role. They shared this faith and did their best to impart these to their children. They also lived frugal and humble lives – something that seems to have been lost in this current generation.

As the grandson, my perspective is very limited but that is the extent of what I know.


A. Kathe555 (Medicare Insurance Broker)

I am actually in a “perfect relationship” now. When my husband and I met, I really wasn’t interested in him except as a business contact. We started working on a project together and things moved on from there.

I think the most important part of a “perfect relationship” is remembering that we need to treat each other kindly and with respect no matter what kind of a day we are having. I have had bad days. So has my husband. What makes our relationship different is that I always try to put his feelings first, just like I would one of my girlfriends.

I’ll give you an example. I’m usually grumpy in the morning.  I don’t like waking up and getting out of bed. In the past, I always needed an hour or so before I really wanted to start talking to anyone. With my husband, I’m still grumpy in the morning.  He’s not.  He’s one of those people who get up singing and happy. He usually says something disgustingly sweet that makes me want to yell at him (think of the old cartoon cat named Garfield… that is me in the morning). I usually want to say something mean to him when he does that….

But I don’t. That’s how I show him that I love him. I hold my tongue. I let him be his silly self in the morning when I’d rather be left alone. And, if I said something mean to him it would hurt his feelings. And then I’d feel bad about it. In a perfect relationship, I don’t always feel perfect, but I always keep my mate’s feelings on the top of my mind. And he keeps my feelings at the top of his too.

That my friends, is how to have a perfect relationship.


A. Deborah (Experiencing Relationship Perfection)

I have seen two types of “perfect” relationships.  One relationship that was described as perfect never had any fighting.  This isn’t a case where they just said that there was no fighting.  There literally was no fighting.  However, the relationship itself was devoid of vibrancy and there seemed to be a passive aggressive glue that held them together.  They traveled in a pair, but didn’t seem to truly be in love with each other.

The other relationship, my own, is what I would unashamedly call “perfect.”  The key is that perfect can have different meanings.  For me, and for my husband, we ensure that we stay connected and that we communicate, communicate, and communicate some more.  We realize that love for each other and accepting each other for who we are is more important than winning an argument or being “right.”

Having tried a marriage before this one, I also realize that when the relationship starts to drift, or when the importance of connecting with your significant other starts to wane, that is when it is the most important to re-connect.  Maybe that is the time to have that romantic dinner or weekend cruise.  Waiting until neither of you care whether the other one is around is waiting too long.

Realize that life is short, that love is a journey, and enjoy that walk with your favorite person in the world.  I’m going on two decades with mine and I wouldn’t trade a day.

If You Are A Couple In Crisis, Relationship Counselling Could Be Your Saviour

It’s hard keeping a relationship together at the best of times. After the lust dwindles and normal life takes over, it’s easy to get complacent and let your relationship crumble. Relationships need nurturing in order to keep them fresh, but it’s hard to do that when life throws so many other priorities your way. You’ll both be distracted by jobs, families, children; so many things get in the way. Some couples are able to spot that this is happening so they make changes in order to rebuild their relationship. For others it is harder – once the lines of communication are down then resentment sets in, arguments happen, and wounds are inflicted. Continue reading

Raise A Perfect Toast To Your 25th Anniversary

They say that if two people come together, then that marks as the beginning of a long relationship. If they continue to stay together, then that is called as progress and if that progress goes in the right direction, then the relationship is a success. The feeling of getting together is one of the most amazing moments of life and couples stay by each other’s side for decades and decades. And 25th anniversary should never go dry as it is a day that comes only once in life and henceforth, it has to be grand celebration. Continue reading

5 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

The birthday of the guy who has been putting up with a lot of your quirks without hurting you has arrived. Firstly, it’s hard to get a man like that, secondly if you’ll last long enough to celebrate more than one birthday (of each) and a couple of anniversaries, then good going girlfriend! You have managed to tolerate a man for a long period. Now getting the same man a present which is not the same as what you got him for your anniversary, his graduation day, his job getting day, his favourite football team losing day isn’t easy. Running out of ideas is sad but a daily occurrence, thus here is a list to help you out:

Customized T-shirts:

It is a well known fact that clothes are never enough, this applies to both sexes. Another problem is that we usually hate the clothes which are gifted to us. The colour, the fitting, the style or just basic hatred for anything that isn’t what we had in mind is quite a downer. You can undo the silent curses of the boyfriend by buying him a customized T-shirt. Never can anybody go wrong with that. Whether he’s a Game of Thrones fan or obsessed with Star Wars (they are all the same) you can get a House Stark or Yoda printed on a plain tee and present it to him. Guys are simple like that, he will love it.

Car/Bike Accessories: 

If there’s one thing your man are completely in love with (barring you, of course and Scarlett Johansson), it is his vehicle. A motorbike or a car, whatever they own, they love. Even if it breaks down at every signal, or the colour is peeling off or the brakes work only after sucking all his strength out of his body, he still loves it. So buy him those bike gloves he ogles at from the store or that wireless Bluetooth operated music receiver he has added to his “online shopping cart” for his car. If you are the protective type, you can also go for those fancy but excellent full faced helmets which will protect him whenever he decides to fly with his motorbike.


You have your spa sessions, shopping with girlfriends, and endless list of rom-coms you can sit and watch all day. He has videogames that make him forget his meals, daily activities, political scenario of the country and basically his existence. So if you have the savings or are earning well enough, buy him a Playstation. He will be smiling more if it is the latest, but even if you give him a little dated version, he will still thank all his Gods for landing up with you just for the gesture you made.


You know what shoes are to you, watches are for men, they can never have enough. From sporty to luxury, from leather straps to stainless metal, there is one for everyone. Waterproof, laser light, calculator all of these things can come in that tiny little watch. You know your boyfriend the best; decide if he’d be the George Clooney of Omega or a humble nameless model from Guess. Pick what suits your budget though; there is no need to donate a kidney to buy your guy a gift.

Bake a cake:

If you are completely broke or have already gifted him all of the aforementioned suggestions, then be an angel and bake him a cake. Even if you don’t have a Martha Stewart inside you, or you don’t even know her name, there are many ready to make cake mixes available in your nearest supermarket. Use Nutella or grated chocolate as icing and show him the domestic goddess that you are.

Stick to these easy suggestions and surprise the love of your life on his special day!

Image License: Creative Commons image source

Today’s guest author, Ben Caddick, is very passionate about adventure sports. He also enjoys writing about his experiences and ideas. Visit www.totalmotorcycle.com.au/ to learn more about him and his company.

The Health Benefits of Love

Is love a romantic or a biological connection? The question seems to be one that is recurring throughout the history of humanity. With all of the health benefits that love offers, it would appear to be that love is simply a connection that two humans have as a way of improving their health. Humans can improve the way that they feel by being in love and having sex.

Getting a boost to the immune system is easy when you are in love. There is no need to receive certain shots that can give you that boost you need when you’re in love. According to research studies, a person’s immune system will receive a 30 percent increase in immunoglobulin A levels in the body when he or she is in love. A person has every reason to find somebody to love and enjoy the feeling of having a healthier body. Continue reading